7 Holiday Foods You Should Avoid

The holidays are a minefield of calorie-rich meals and treats. If you are on a diet, or simply concerned about eating healthy, this season might stress you out a little. But if you can avoid the wrong foods, you can still eat healthy, or at least healthy-ish, during the holidays. Here are the foods you should avoid:

  1. Eggnog
    At a staggering 223 calories per cup, eggnog should be at the top of your list of foods to avoid during the holiday season. Like other sugary drinks, eggnog is not very filling and is far too easy to have too much of. Instead, try to have light drinks like tea, coffee, or even a bit of hot cocoa.
  2. Tamales
    A single tamale is nearly 300 calories, and as such, you should do your best to avoid it. Tortillas are surprisingly high in calories, and not exactly rich in nutrients. For a replacement, try to have seasoned chicken or lean beef. Paired with a low-calorie veggie wrap, you can have a tamale-like experience for a fraction of the calories.
  3. Alcohol
    For many, alcohol is everywhere during the holiday season. Most drinks are high-calorie and sugary, while often being mixed with sodas. On top of that, alcohol’s intoxicating effects can increase your urge to eat while reducing your ability to refuse food. Try to avoid drinking as much as you can, and when you do drink, try to mix your liquor with diet sodas or soda water.
  4. Frosting
    During the holidays, you’ll come across countless frosted cakes and cookies. While cakes and cupcakes alone are already high in calories, frosting dwarfs them both. A half cup (100 grams) of frosting contains over 400 calories (about 20% of your suggested daily caloric intake), and that’s not counting what it’s paired with. Try to keep your frosting consumption low.
  5. Chocolate
    Chocolate is even worse than frosting. A half cup of milk chocolate can contain over 530 calories! What’s worse, chocolate is not very filling and is everywhere during the holidays. Keep this in mind this holiday season, and if you do end up having chocolate, try to keep track of how much you’re eating.
  6. Pie
    Who doesn’t like pie during the holidays? Unfortunately, pies are some of the richest foods you can consume during the season. With a calorie-dense crust and exceptionally sweet filling, pies can very quickly sabotage your healthy eating. Try to keep your pie consumption low, limiting yourself to a single, moderate slice.
  7. Mashed Potatoes
    A cup of mashed potatoes is nearly as rich as a cup of eggnog. Now, while it may be more filling than eggnog, it is still very easy to overeat. Also, consider that homemade mashed potatoes might contain even more calories than typical store-bought brands, as people can add in extra butter and cream cheese. Limit your mashed potatoes to a single scoop, or try to substitute mashed potatoes with coleslaw.

Do your best to avoid these foods, and you can preserve your diet throughout the season. Now, it’s okay to have a few sweets or rich foods during celebrations but remember to keep track of what you’re eating. A balanced diet during the holidays can help you feel better and start the new year as a healthier you.


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