Become the Ultimate State Park Outsider

Did you know that South Carolina has 47 state parks? If you love hiking and visit them all, you can become an Ultimate Outsider! Participation in the program is simple. Visit any state park office or website and purchase the Official Guide to South Carolina State Parks for a whopping $2.00.

The guide provides information on each park, its amenities, and popular activities. It also has space on each page to stamp every time you visit a start park. When all 47 have been stamped, ask a park ranger to verify by signing the form included in the guide, and mail it in. The t-shirt may not seem like a big deal, but the bragging rights are!

Studies show that spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine increases metabolism, self-esteem, and vitality while decreasing fatigue, tension, and depression. Sunshine also provides us with essential Vitamin D, which increases bone health and cell growth and boosts immune systems.

State parks provide opportunities for running, walking, hiking, jogging, and mountain biking. Some offer added challenges such as wind resistance, rugged terrain, and variations of inclines. Visit coastal parks or ones with waterways for kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and stand-up paddle boards. Events are held throughout the year and provide visitors chances to learn how to participate in active competitions.

Learn more about state park events with guided kayak and canoe tours and guided hikes. As you exercise your way across the state, you will adopt a healthier lifestyle, see a lot of amazing natural and historical sights, and achieved the noble title of Ultimate Outsider!

Deanna Anderson is an avid day or section hiker who is hiking her way to becoming an Ultimate Outsider as well as completing the Palmetto Trail.  She is a published author and a freelance writer for The Sumter Item newspaper and Lakeside Magazine. 


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