Diets vs. Lifestyle Changes

Despite diets being defined as the way a person habitually eats it has taken on a new meaning. Diets are spoken about regarding short term solutions for certain problems that have developed over time. Well known diets are ones such as keto, paleo, atkins, etc. The principles of some of these eating habits aren’t necessarily the problem. One of the issues that arises with these diets is they are only ever marketed to individuals as something short term such as 30, 60, or 90 days to achieve often times weight loss. Those promoting these diets don’t factor in how they may not be beneficial to individuals with certain conditions, or responsibilities. Some nutritional restrictions may not be helpful for athletes, or adults who are active in their daily routines. Also for people who may have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other chronic conditions that a person may develop, it could be dangerous for them to go on some of these strict and or extreme diets. Lastly often these diets focus so much on what to cut out and not provide practical examples of what a person should eat.

Where lifestyle changes differ is they are gradual. Gradual changes allows for the body to adjust much better than an abrupt change. Examples can include slowing down on soda consumption from one with every meal to twice a day, then after a few weeks cutting it down to once a day, and so on until its removed from your diet completely. Lifestyle changes are also meant to be permanent unlike short term diets, this allows for your body to gain all the benefits from this change and not revert back after a month or so. Lifestyle changes also don’t have a time frame on results because there is no deadline, this allows people to not get discouraged when results aren’t immediate, because oftentimes they won’t be.

Bryce Robinson, originally from Brooklyn, New York, earned my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Winthrop University. He is currently working towards being a personal trainer. Some of his interests include watching and playing soccer, acting, and writing. Bryce’s life-long goal is to leave a positive impact on the lives of others and in his career endeavors.


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