Don’t Stop Moving When it Starts Raining

Getting everyone into the car to go to the park just isn’t possible, especially when it’s raining. It can be tempting to sit on the couch and watch TV or stare at a phone. Here’s a list of things you and your children can do to stay sane inside!

  1. Scavenger Hunt – Draw a map or write clues to lead kids from one room to another. Include as many clues and rooms as possible for maximum moving! We wrote a few to get you started.
  2. Hallway Bowling – Use full or recycled water bottles to set up bowling pins at the end of a hallway. Stand at the opposite end and bowl down
    the hall. Kids can get bonus points for including a silly dance move while bowling!
  3. Dance Party – This one speaks for itself. Get everyone moving with a catchy playlist. You can play freeze dance, pausing the music every so often and having everyone freeze in place, or choose a song and choreograph a dance, practicing until the routine is perfect!
  4. Hot Lava – An old favorite. The floor is hot lava! Pick beginning and end points in the house, then move from start to finish without touching the floor. Hop between pillows, couches, paper and anything else on the floor that will help you get there. Get creative and be careful!
  5. Obstacle Course – Why sit in a pillow fort when you can climb over one? Set up an obstacle course using couch cushions, blankets, pillows, and anything else you can think of. Have obstacle course building contests and races!
  6. Yoga – If you’d rather some gentler exercise, or need a way to wind down after a more rambunctious game, free yoga routines can be found all over the Internet. Some sites even have videos geared toward children. Grab yoga mats or towels and get going!
  7. Cards – Play your favorite card game, with a twist. Each number in the deck is paired with a dance or exercise move. When you play an ace, jump as high as you can! When you put down a five, do a ballerina twirl! For easier to remember pairings, just match each suit with an active move. Play war, Crazy Eights, Uno, or whichever game is your child’s favorite.

Sometimes, it seems like there aren’t enough activities in the world to keep everyone active and entertained, so use these tips to stay active and healthy even if it’s raining outside.


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