Just Move! One Step at a Time.

One question I get from a lot of people is “What exercises did you do when you started, and what was the first thing you did to exercise?” Well, when I started my journey, at almost 360 pounds, I did not want to do anything. I had not really been doing anything active, it just was too much to consider. I avoided steps with a passion. I had a bike in the garage that I would not ride because it was too uncomfortable. I felt I had no energy for moving and exercise. I was exhausted all of the time, taking 7 different medications, using a CPAP machine at night, and just plain felt horrible. The furthest thing from TheFatGuy’s mind was establishing a exercise program, riding a bike, going to the gym, anything that involved lugging my 360 pound body from point A to point B.

So what did I do? For the first 6 weeks of my journey to ME, MY journey to fitness, I concentrated on researching my diet and how I could work toward something that would work for me. I concentrated on developing my log and my mental plan. I knew I needed to incorporate exercise into my plan, but I was determined to get my eating on track (under control) and dedicate myself to researching my diet and evaluating me.

The only thought that was in my head about exercise the first 6 weeks was JUST MOVE! Yep, that is it. I did it in digestible chunks one minute at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time, always moving forward. I did a lot of little things. I walked the dogs which was a huge deal to me. I picked up the dumbbells I had around the house and just did simple routines of no more than 30 minutes. I started walking up and down steps more which was a big deal for someone that avoided one flight of steps. By Day 29 I got on my bike for the first time in years. On Day 30 I walked 12 holes of golf before a blister got the best of me. On Day 34 I walked 1.5 miles at my in-laws house in Pickens on a hilly road. I kept it simple (KISS) and JUST MOVED.

Day 43 was my first day in a gym. I felt I was comfortable with the progress I had made with my diet and log. I had lost 27 pounds and was ready to challenge myself. I was ready to take those next steps. I figured out the path that worked for me. I knew I needed to start moving more at the beginning and that lead me to the gym and more structure in my exercise.

So now TheFatGuy that couldn’t climb one flight of steps can do 122 straight reps of going up 17 bleachers and down 34 steps. I did it one step at a time!

Note to YOU and ME: JUST MOVE! Take that first step and then do it one step at a time!

This post was originally published at FatGuyDiary.com.

I’ve traveled an AMAZING JOURNEY since March 2, 2009 when I lost over 150 pounds in 363 days! I transformed my life. I have hit all of the bumps and twists in the road of weight loss and fitness you can hit. I am now taking that knowledge and experience, combined with the knowledge and experience I gained during 2 careers, to do what I do best……….. HELP OTHERS!


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