My Three Favorite Hikes in Spartanburg at Croft State Park

If you’re looking for a nice place to hike in the Upstate, these three trails at Croft State Park are pretty easy in terms of terrain and way-finding. Each will give you a glimpse of a different element of the park, from lakeside to creekside to hillside.

  1. Lake Johnson Trail (1.5 miles) This trail loops around Lake Johnson, the smaller of the lakes at Croft State Park. With views of the lake nearly the entire time, this trail is a sure crowd pleaser. Add in that it is one of the least difficult trails at Croft and you have the makings of a wonderful family outing. This loop requires some road walking. Park at Lake Johnson (on Johnson Lake Road—I know) and start off behind the picnic shelter.
  2. The Nature Trail (1.5 miles) This trail starts near the riding ring in the center of the park, and parallels the Fairforest Creek for a good ways, then returns higher up the hillside above the creek. You also pass an old iron bridge near the site of Foster’s Mill, remnants from the long history of the Croft area. Park near the Park Office.
  3. Fern Gully Trail (1.75 miles total) The Fern Gully Trail itself is a little less than a mile long (it links two other sections of trail for the loop), but it provides plenty of punch. Access to this trail is easiest from the Southside Park area; start off on Southside Loop (either way). The first trail intersection you come to will be Fern Gully. The Trail traverses the drainages that flow down into the Fairforest Creek through an established hardwood forest. Not much up-and-down here, but plenty of twists and turns.

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This article was originally published in Partners for Active Living by Ned Barrett.

Ned Barrett is the trails coordinator at Partners for Active Living (PAL), a non-profit in Spartanburg, SC, that addresses the root causes of cardiovascular disease: physical inactivity and poor nutrition. For the past eight years, he's been instrumental in getting Spartanburg's trails system where it is today, in addition to PAL's bike share programs. He's a true supporter of bicycling as he rides his bike to work every day, and has been getting around by bike and foot for close to 56 years of his life. "From the freedom it provided as a kid to the benefits it offers now, walking, biking and running through the world gives me the more complete perspective of my surroundings that I seek. All our transportation choices should be safe and accessible, and all modes should be provided for equitably."



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