Blue Ridge Railroad Trail


Days/Hours of Operation

Monday: Sunrise - Sunset Tuesday: Sunrise - Sunset Wednesday: Sunrise - Sunset Thursday: Sunset - Sunrise Friday: Sunrise - Sunset Saturday: Sunrise - Sunset Sunday: Sunrise - Sunset


More Information

This moderately difficult walk follows the incomplete nineteen-century rail bed of the Blue Ridge Railroad where you can see three abandoned tunnels. Start your walk with a visit to the Stumphouse Tunnel, which is 25 feet high, 17 feet wide, and although it was not completed, extends 1,617 feet into the mountain. You can walk to the end of the tunnel, but be aware there may be water and you will need a flashlight to find your way. After a visit to the Stumphouse Tunnel you can start the trail just above Isaqueena Falls and walk to the second or Middle Tunnel, which is on a short spur to the left at approximately 0.5 mile. Although once covered with dirt, the Middle Tunnel now has an opening, so you can go inside. Return to the main trail, turn left, and continue to the third tunnel, the Saddleback Tunnel. You can’t enter this tunnel, because over the years it has filled with water, but along the way, you can expect to encounter a lush deciduous forest of oak, maple and pignut hickory as well as wild blackberries and blueberries (when they€re in season). After your visit to the Saddleback Tunnel, return the way you came.

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