Central Bark


Days/Hours of Operation

Monday: 7:00 AM - Sunset Tuesday: 7:00 AM - Sunset Wednesday: 7:00 AM - Sunset Thursday: Sunset - 7:00 AM Friday: 7:00 AM - Sunset Saturday: 7:00 AM - Sunset Sunday: 7:00 AM - Sunset


More Information

Central Bark is located off of New Gray Rock Rd. It is a 6,000 sq. ft. track of land that has both open space and trees so “man’s best friend” has plenty of room. There are benches as well as doggie stations located at Central Bark. Below are the rules and regulations for Central Bark to ensure everyone has an enjoyable visit. For your Pooch Pass to Central Bark, please bring the application to the Administration Building. Annual fee of $25 for 1 dog, and $10/ dog for each additional dog.

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