Chestnut Ridge Heritage Preserve


Days/Hours of Operation

Monday: Sunrise - Sunset Tuesday: Sunrise - Sunset Wednesday: Sunrise - Sunset Thursday: Sunset - Sunrise Friday: Sunrise - Sunset Saturday: Sunrise - Sunset Sunday: Sunrise - Sunset


More Information

Starting from the parking area, this moderately difficult, out and back dirt trail will take you up the south side of Squirrel Mountain and down the north side to the South Pacolet River. The first part is new growth forest and not very exciting, but continue and you will be treated to a lush hardwood forest and rock outcroppings on the sides of Chestnut Ridge and Squirrel Mountain. Two short bridges help you over the wet spots and steps on the steep parts aid your climbs. You may see a wide variety of plants such as the white irisette and animals include bear, deer, raccoons, and turkeys.

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