Little River Blueway


Days/Hours of Operation

Monday: Sunrise - Sunset Tuesday: Sunrise - Sunset Wednesday: Sunrise - Sunset Thursday: Sunset - Sunrise Friday: Sunrise - Sunset Saturday: Sunrise - Sunset Sunday: Sunrise - Sunset


More Information

In the fall of 2009, a hand full of people who love outdoor sports looked at the abundance of natural and historical assets in this region. We soon realized a great opportunity for promoting the benefits of the outdoor recreation & conservation within this uniquely preserved section of the Sumter National Forest and waterways. After several meetings with key stakeholders within and around the project area, a grassroots organization called Outdoor Initiative, Inc. was formed and went to work mapping, inventorying and planning. Paddling routes were mapped and tested. Biking trails ridden. But we didn��_��__t stop there… In addition to these attractions, the area has golf, hundreds of beautiful campsites, skeet shooting, countless miles of forest service roads, and numerous historical sites to round out the mix. Everything was then consolidated into one recreation system so that it was easy for people to use the wide variety of resources found throughout the Little River Blueway. The result of these efforts is a tremendous outdoor adventure & sporting area!

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