How to curve poor dietary habits

  • Make special nights out of it; meatless Monday, Soda free Saturday. This makes it an event and promotes creativity
  • Get an accountability partner. A person who you can contact regularly and whenever you get the drive or desire to consume one of the things you’re trying to eliminate from your diet. This partner can help motivate you to stay strong and not give in to these desires. Oftentimes having a partner who is trying to curve some habits as well helps better because they understand how you’re feeling.
  • Find healthier replacements and make them readily available. For example if you’re trying to eliminate soda have bottles of water or juices in your home. Or if you’re trying to stop eating sweets and have some fruit in the house it can help satisfy the craving for something sweet or sugary and is a healthier choice than candies and desserts
  • Try re-association methods. Some things as adults we don’t like to eat or that make us nauseous are due to things we associate that food with. For example, if as a child something traumatic happened after a dinner of rice and peas that child may grow up to hate eating rice and peas. However, oppositely if the child got ice cream after certain achievements they may grow up to reward themselves in similar ways. So as an adult if you have a good day, get a promotion, get your check, etc. When you get that news or do that action, begin to eat healthier things to work on associating healthier foods with good moments. This can help you to seek out these foods in moments of boredom, sadness, and happiness. 

Bryce Robinson, originally from Brooklyn, New York, earned my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Winthrop University. He is currently working towards being a personal trainer. Some of his interests include watching and playing soccer, acting, and writing. Bryce’s life-long goal is to leave a positive impact on the lives of others and in his career endeavors.


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