Trail Review: Harbison State Forest

Harbison State Forest

Trail: Firebreak Trail

Length: 4.3 miles

Level: Easy – Moderate

Harbison State Forest is located about 25 minutes northwest of downtown Columbia, and offers several hiking and mountain biking trails. (Use the map to find it!) The Firebreak Trail can be walked for a relaxing stroll through nature, or run for a good cardio workout! This easy-moderate trail starts right at the parking lot and brings you on a loop through the southern half of the park. It’s mostly flat, and features a gradual hill and a muddy dip in elevation around the half way point. I wouldn’t walk this trail in your favorite sneakers; the mud was hard to avoid in some places. At 2-2.5 miles in, there is a small stream that needs to be crossed with the help of some well-placed rocks. It took us about an hour to walk the whole trail at a moderate pace. It’s always smart to bring water and a friend to walk with when going into the woods, especially when trying a trail for the first time. The trail was marked well and the park wasn’t crowded, but we encountered other hikers or mountain bikers about every 15 minutes. This park is pet friendly, but dogs must be kept on leashes. I would definitely recommend this trail to a friend!


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