Why consistent workouts are essential for new moms

After giving birth, your body and mind may feel exhausted, but the last thing you should do is give up your time at the gym. Sticking to your workouts will elevate your mood, re-energize your body, and ensure you get back in shape faster.

How to Squeeze in a Workout
The first few months after your baby is born, it can be easy to neglect your own health, as you’ll inevitably be starved for time and sleep. However, the healthier you are, the easier it is to take care of the baby. It’s important to create a schedule where you can still have time for yourself. This is crucial to balancing a new lifestyle and guaranteeing that your self-value is still strongly upheld.

See if you can work with your family, loved ones, and friends to take care of the baby a few times a week so you can exercise. In the meantime, there are
many low-impact stretches and workouts you can do throughout the day. These light exercises not only help boost your energy, but give you the emotional flexibility to withstand the new changes and stresses necessary to be at your best.

Staying active will help you regain your strength and give you some much needed personal time.

The Heart of Your Post-Pregnancy Workout
Cardio is a baseline necessity of any exercise regiment. Getting your heart rate up is the quickest way to shed pounds, slim your figure, and strengthen your core. Jumping jacks, heel kicks, high knees, and half-squats are all great exercises that work core muscle groups while raising the heart rate.

The most important thing cardio does is revitalize your energy. When you get your heart pumping, you’re improving your cardiovascular efficiency, boosting neurotransmitters, and creating more mitochondria. All of these elements come together to raise your daily energy levels without needing coffee, energy drinks, or extra sleep. In this way, you can tend to your baby’s needs without feeling like you are stretched thin. Feel better naturally and ensure that you are spreading positivity and love into a new home.

Don’t Make This Classic Mistake
Many new mothers are only focused on losing weight after their pregnancies, but the biggest mistake new moms make is only working on specific muscle groups. Your intuition may tell you to do crunches and ab workouts to tighten up your postpartum belly; however, this can actually make your stomach worse. Since crunches only work the muscles underneath, to truly get your shape back, you’ll need to burn fat and engage in a full body workout.

Seeking Balance
In addition to cardio workouts, supplement your routine with various strengthening exercises like lunges, pushups, and planks. While cardio and strength training create a powerful workout regimen, some of the best exercise routines exist outside of the traditional gym setting.

High-intensity training—whether it’s rock climbing, swimming, or boxing—can burn fat, amp up your energy, and be productively entertaining.
For new moms, working out is about more than just returning to your previous form; it’s about pushing yourself into a new realm of health, so that you’ll be better prepared for the road ahead.

Albert Krav is a fitness coach and boxing instructor at Gloveworx in Santa Monica, California. He helps new mothers achieve their fitness goals and get into better shape than their former selves by engaging in a high-energy workout regimen. During his free time, he loves to read fitness and health books and write positive lifestyle articles.


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